2009年12月31日 星期四

The most unforgetable memory.

I juz saw the video of my birthday during cell group. I haven actually see it since I cant fully loading it before in melbourne. Well. It is fully finish loading when I tried today, even manage to download it down. Its a precious memory and one of the most special one among all my birthday.

Actually there is never friends to celebrate my birthday before, not until I reach Melbourne and meet friends like u all. It was a happy and memorable birthday for me. I think that wouldn't going to happen again. But my 18th birthday will be the most special and precious present I have received.

I want to thank u all for the presents. Oliver, Ivy, Calvin, Deric, Amelia, Connie, and Karen, Thank u all for the presents, the surprise, the memories. I also want to thank my friends and family for the birthday wishes. A special thank you to Jennifer and Stephanie. Thank u for buying me birthday cake even it is night time and u all tired after working. Thank u very very much.

Thank you very much *bow*

2009年12月18日 星期五

Gathering and Hang out ....

Happy day it is.. At first it is bit tiring coz nid to carry few things.... But it is fun in the afternoon...

First, hang out with wong jiin and friends at parkson. Juz having some drinks and then off to cafe cafe to meet with my cell groups... Miss dao join us today too.. We have lunch and drinks while chit chating. Calvin and karen went back first. While miss dao , me , and ivy, we continue to chat while waiting for her friends to come. After waiting for a few hours, michelle, wong jiin ,and me went to watch Avatar...

I like the creatures and the environment in the movie, but the story is long and boring. 2hours and 40 minutes..... After movie , we went to eat at shabu shabu which is juz happen to be nearby. Eating , chatting, taking photos....

Then is home time... XD

2009年12月9日 星期三


Finally , my foundation result is out today.. I didn't know about it if Ashan didnt tell me.. Ashan is a friend i noe during the second semester. We are in the same bio class. Although we didnt know each other much, but we still will greet each other . ^^

Ok, back to the result.. Some dissapoint me , but some impress me... My eng is getting worse. From 69 drop to 63.. Physic improve by 2 marks. XD But still in the Pass grade..
The chemistry paper for the second semester is horrible... I still gt 3 marks lower than last semester so i think that is something worth to feel lucky with.. My bio improve bit and my math is like jumping up .. XD. Thank God for getting this result.. It is quite good. ^^

Now , i am hopping that i can meet the requirement for biomedicine.. >.<

2009年11月15日 星期日

To all my friends, siblings, buddies and relatives at Melbourne

I can't sleep and I can't stop myself from crying. When I close the light and went to bed, I can't stop myself from thinking about that I can't never going to see you all again. Since facebook can post something so long, I post it here at my blog.

Every time when I think that I might not step into this land again, will not see all of you here again, will not be able to joke or to play with you all again, I feel very sad. No matter you are my friends, buddies, relatives or siblings here at Melbourne or even don't care to be my friends anymore , I will miss you all very much.

Because many of you are from other country or states that I can't go visit. Even those that are some hometown with me, I also don't know will I ever going to meet you or not. I don't know why, even when I first left my hometown, my school, I don't feel this sad. Maybe you are all my best mate, buddies, and friends that I ever had in my life. Even I know this one year is short but I really learn a lot, and it is really really very nice to know you all. We have been through a lot of happiness, sadness, depression, arguement and many more and yet we are still friends.

I can't bear to think that I am not going to see you all again. If time really can change back, I wish that I can repeat this year again. I want to be with you all one more time. Even repeat once, I am also willing to do so. T.T ... It doesn't matter when we meet, start of the year or few days before school end, you will always be my friends. If there is line called fate between us, I hope we can meet again. I love you all very much and I miss you very much.. T.T

2009年11月11日 星期三

Sayonara, Taylors college !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome , Holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAhahahahahahahaha... Finally finish the final exam of the year .... I am finally free from all... XDXDXDXD... Although i think i didnt did well in two subjects but never mind. Things already pass and all I nid to do nw is thinking for the holiday plan before i go back home... ^^

Wonderful year it is. Not only it is the first time i come to this whole new town, but also meet a lot of friends and learn a lot of things. So relax now.. Firstly, I nid to thank my parents although i dun think they will see it, for sending me here and support me... Secondly is all my siblings who care for me when i am here... XDXD
Lastly is all my friends and teachers.

The first ever friend i made is Deric Hii. He is the best friend here. He listen to my problems and help think of methods to solve it.. Although most of the time , he just watch his anime and ignore me.. XDXD

The second one is Tan Yee Gene or many prefer call him genie.. He is the first friend that I made in Australia. Cause I come to melbourne with deric and amelia so they are friends i make at KL , Not Australia.. XD . After Orientation, I didn't go to class cause I go to buy some text book. I go to sch after the weekends since the day I orientation is Friday. On the first day of school, I didnt make any friends. Cause I am shy... XDXD . Gene gt 4 same classes with me. Phy, Eng, Chem and Bio ..
I didnt really know that. He sits beside me during bio period but we didnt talk. I know him after sch is finish for the first day. He ask me for my name when we are on our way down the stairs. Then we chat for a while before we go home. After that day, he sits beside me for every phy and bio period. He also introduce me new friends.
Thank you, gene.. Ur the best..

The third one is Luna. She was a girl from Sabah. She was in the same chemistry class with me last semester. She sits beside me and she ask me whether I'm Malaysia or not. I said yes and we started to chatting. She was same class with me for bio and chem. Thank you, Luna. Wish u all the best.

If I intro them one by one, it will take age for me to finish intro them all. So basically, I will Intro in gangs so you dun have to watch for that long long long .XD
And most of these are start from second semester. As I noe them more at this semester.

The first gang is what I call them sisters. The eldest is Penny lau. We are from the same school but we didn't know each other when we at Sibu. Actually all within this gang share some similar personality that is kind and friendly. The second eldest is Luna. The third one is Brenda, A girl from SMK Tung Hua in Sibu. The youngest one is Irene Wong, a girl from Tung Hua in sibu. They are all nice and friendly girls that i know here.. ^^ Thank you all , sisters.

The second gang is I so call daughters. Basically only two people. They are Andrea Lu and Pin. One call me father, one called me grand father just for fun.. XD Andrea is from Tung Hua and housemate plus class mate with Brenda. Pin is a korean girl I know here, introduced by Andrea.. XD . Daughter introduce me grand daughter. XD.
Thank you to u two..^^

The third gang is Sibu gangs. All from Sibu they include Meng Aik, Connie, Ivy, Derek, Jasmine, Elaine, Jennifer, Stephanie, Amelia, Calvin, Wan chie, Karen, Oliver, Austin, and many others. Too many till i cant remember.. Thank u all for helping me and supporting me.. Love u all..^^

The fourth gang is Malaysia and Singapore gangs remix.. XP. The member include Leonard, William, Justin, Yee ping, Li ping, Li xian, Hazmey, Stanley, Rezza, Wei ru, Carene, Evonne, and many more.. Again. Too many ... XDXDXD.. Thank you for playing, chatting and joking with me.. Also help me.. XD Thank you...

Last gang is Hong Kong sisters, Nora and Stephanie. They are sisters I know not long after I start school. We dun really know each other cause we seldom chat. XD But I wan to thank u two for the support and fun we had during excursion and in class experiments.. ^^

That basically conclude some of my friends who helped me. Thank you all for the wonderful year at taylors. Although we may not meet again next year, I will always remember you all. Let's us keep in touch in facebook and msn. ^^ Happy holiday and all the best in Uni.

2009年11月3日 星期二

Going crazy soon ......

Its really been long time since I last update this blog. I starting to wonder why I create this blog since I hardly even update it. Recently is the start of exams and I just finish 2 out of 5 subjects. Next week, I am going to handle 3 subjects in consecutive days........

These few days, I went to live at my friend's apartment. At first, I though it is going to be fun cause feel like camping, only that we are sleeping in camp.. But after these few days, I changed my mind about stay at friend's place. Maybe is because I am not that good with them so feel like not in same group with them. They talked gossips,event that is happening , watch movies together. I don't really get along with them. Maybe is because I more like to be alone at aside so no one talk to me much..

Finally back to my own room. Feel more relax. Cause can do everything I like. Mostly refer to being emotional. Recently, I am quite emotional. The reason ? Unknown. Just feel like being alone. Quite envy my friends. They can be together happily, talking, chatting, having fun.. Really feel uncomfortable, sad and lonely. Maybe later will hide in the bed and cry out loud. I hope that will make me more happier.

I told my problems with a friend. All the advise he giving me is to try to interrupt them. He always get along with them by interrupting them with the things they talking about. I try that few times. But sometime, I am not that good and most of the time, it got reflected back. It feels like there is a string between them. I try to penetrate into that string but got reflected and cant penetrate. Feeling more and more moody. I hope tomorrow will be a better day and can forgot about all the bad things..

2009年10月7日 星期三

Bush Dance.

Today our school have bush dance event. That event is free to enter and FREE food. There are also teacher to teach us how to dance. It is fun cause I never try dancing before. Especially with my friends and some other school mate. This can make our friendship become better. It is fun but really tiring. There gt chips, sandwich, cake, soft drinks, and Milo. XD

But most of the dance require a partner and I can't find one. So out of approximately 9 dances, I got another boy as my partner for 7 dances. It is quite funny cause others are all couples or two girls. But having a male partner also good cause they will not reject us easily... Since we are both male.. XD

Sorry about that, gone a bit crazy after attend the event. I was like very excited, and every one thinks I drink alcohol before I went for the event. Actually, I did not drink any. Before we end , there is a big group dance that is require us all who attend to join. That is completely crazy dance. I don't much picture of it cause most of the time, I was busy dancing with the others. XD

After that, I went home, take bath and have my dinner. After a short rest, I went to library to study with friends. That place is too hot. Imagine you are going from a fridge to an oven. At there study until 11 something. Before we go back, my friend want to go have some supper cause he is hungry. So we go to have Hungry Jack. I bought an ice cream for a friend and we chat together while she having her ice cream.

It was after that I found out that girls cant eat too cold especially at a old night like this. Feel really sorry to hurt her like that. Haiz. Sad. I so stupid one.... T.T
Hope tomorrow can be better and not maintain the same ....... Wish her and you all the best....

2009年10月5日 星期一

Sch reopen..

Today is start of the new term. Time passes so fast. It is already the 5th of October in a blink of an eye. Today is quite lucky and also quite unlucky.. The first thing in the morning the broke down of the lift in the school. We need walk the stairs from ground floor to the 8th floor in the early morning which is around 7:45 am. O.O

The school went on smoothly as usual plus the teacher barely give any homework.. In addition, we are going to plan to go out to have dinner with Jennifer and her sis to help her celebrate her birthday. Yesterday was her birthday but we didn't manage to celebrate cause her sis need to rush her assignment so we change the date to tonight. I was the person responsible to give people to fill the birthday card. I was late to go back school to find a friend and she went back. I didn't manage to give her to fill the card. Then I wait there for penny them to finish school. I accompany them to walk for a short while and they ask me to go make reservation for the shop we are going to eat later.

On my way to the shop , I met my cousin and we chat a few words. After I made the reservation, I met a friend which I haven't see lately. We chat and walk our way to Hungry Jack before I go back home. I call my friend cause she wanted to give me things before but I was in hungry to go out so I told her that I will call her back when I back. I called her and she came down and give me a bag of oranges. We chat for a while and she went up to continue with her revision. When I was saying good bye to her , I back track and knock with a pedestrian. I also saw a couple friends walking out. I say Hi to them and go back to my room to prepare the present we bought yesterday.

We rushed to the shop and have our dinner. After the dinner, we went back to Jennifer's apartment to have the cake they bought. We stayed there for a while and enjoy ourselves there. And so a peaceful day had passed. Time to sleep and prepare for school tomorrow. ^^

2009年9月30日 星期三

BBQ day.

Its been one month since i update my blog.. I been having my two weeks holiday but i was very lazy to update my blog. Last week , a few friends and i went to Dockland, a habour near Melbourne city. We have our lunch and our shopping thr before we go back..

Today is my church friend, Alexder invite us to go BBQ with him and other friends. We all gather in front of our hostel and go to the tram station and waited for the tram to come. There are so many people take the same tram that for the first few stop , we have to squeeze ourselves in. After few stops,many people get off so we can find ourselves seat to sit down and wait. We glad that today is a sunny day cause we heard a friend told us that today might rain. We went to st kilda beach to have our BBQ. Alexder and his friend start to prepare things while the other of us went to the beach and play. When i go back to help Alexder them , they said the spot got some problem and cant use. so we change to another place. Who knows, after testing for the short while , the another place also cant be used.

So we have to carry all the stuffs and go to a Su yee's apartment to BBQ. That is quite a nice apartment. There is swimming pool, tennis court, Gym and BBQ spot. We start the fire and begin our BBQ. The others went to find a place to sit down and start chit chating. They took our the plastic cup and the drinks and help themselves in drinking the drinks. I went to help Alexder them to prepare. To be honest , I duno how so i juz help to turn the things and put it in plates to the tables. We help ourselves eating while others take turns to BBQ the stuffs.

After the BBQ , we took the tram and go to have some ice cream for dessert. After the tasty ice cream section, we acc friends home before we go back to own hostel. I am going to start school next week. Whole lot of exams and assignments need to be complete. Haiz. This sat is mooncake festival. I hope you all have a nice gathering time with ur family .. ^^

2009年8月8日 星期六

Black And White Formal Of My Colledge.

It's been a lot time since i last blog. Nothing much interesting to blog plus busy preparing for the exams as well as the projects.. Tis blog post is basicllly about the formal ball i went last night which is held by my college.

The Black and White Ball start at 7 pm. Unfortunately, we are late as many of us busy dress up nice and put on their make up. There is more ppl coming in late than us.. We went in and saw a lot of friends so we all went to take photo with them. We all went to sit in our table and waited to be served our first meal. There were ppl singing and playing guitars when we are having our meal...

After our first meal, the room become dark and music starts to play. The first song played is "Just Dance" By Lady Gaga which followed by "Poker Face" and many more rock songs. The whole place become a club. When the music first played , no one go down to dance. Some of the teachers begin to go down and dance.. After a short while , most of the students jump in and dance. We enjoy every moment of it.

After few songs , we were given break time to sit down and enjoy our dessert. The dessert is chocolate ice cream and cream puff. We eat and go to have fun taking photo with friends.. When the music start to play again , we all go down to dance again. The whole ball is actually juz dance. Thr are professional to help take pictures and artist to draw our picture. I manage to get of them to draw me ... Looks funny .... ^^

Lastly , b4 we go back , the teacher give us a glass with dice and chocolate inside. We wait for tram and go back to my room to rest. We talked and chat a while in my room b4 my friends go back their place to slp......

For more information on the photo, plz go to facebok and saw it for urself.... ^^
Have a nice day yall....

2009年6月29日 星期一

Hang Out Day ...

Today is another fresh start of a new week but the schedule still the same. The sky is raining whole day long and cant bother to stop for an hour.

Today, Wong jiin , See tien and I go to Parkson and buy sth that we nid to bring oversea to our study places. Each of us is going to different places to further our study and we duno when will the three of us can be like today to hang out again.

After Parkson, we went to bowling for a while. The bowling was tiring but we enjoy ourselves. See tien drive us to premier to shop for a while longer. See tien go back before us. Just after a short while , we go on our seperate ways home. I wish that we could meet again soonl. Good bye and good luck to u two .... Take care of urselves.

2009年6月25日 星期四

Movie Day...

Tis is my first movie after coming back from Melbourne. The Movie is called "Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen" I love the combine parts of the movie. Looks cool to me especially Optimus combine with Jetfire. That new armor looks cool. The armor even grant Optimus the ability to fly.

I go to watch with two of my friends, See Tien and Wong Jiin. And thr they are.

They are both going to study oversea soon. So we duno when we will be hang out like tis. We will cherish our time and meet when we all are free.. Wish them all the best. Good luck in study and take care of themselves. ^^

2009年6月13日 星期六

Sibu Life ... Bored!!!

It's been a week since I come back from Melbourne. The life here as usual , bored..... Nth more to do . Everyday just repeating the same things over and over again. One of the things i cant stand is the weather here. Very hot. Bit regret for coming back to Sibu. However , I do hang out with some old friends and buy a few stuffs.. Other than that , just doing nothing useful.

I bought a new game , Devil May Cry 4 , to play. The story is good , the game play is fun , the graphic is nt bad . Most importantly is that my com is able to support it .. ^ ^

I miss the weather and friends at Melbourne. Some of them are having their exams now. So wish them all the best..... Still left around 2 weeks before i go to KL to find my brother and sister. 2 weeks of life left in Sibu ........ For those who are having holiday at Sibu and Melbourne , Happy holiday ...

2009年5月25日 星期一

My 18th Birthday.....

Today is my 18th Birthday. It is a nice day but too bad tat my eng exam falls on the same day as my exam. Although my friends and cousins celebrate for me on the 23 of May, They still say happy birthday to me.

I hereby thank u all for my unforgiven birthday. It is surely an unforgivable birthday. Here are a few gifts i received from my friends and cousins. Scarf, Pillow, Bag

Jumper(I'm nt good at taking photo)

Thank u to Deric, Calvin, Connie, Amelia, Karen, Oliver, Ivy, Wangi, Jenifer, Stephanie, Aisim, Penny, Jasmine, Derek, Justin, Crystal, Wong jiin, Elspeth, Luke, Zhong Heng, Siew jin and many many more for the birthday wishes. Thank u all.

Especially, Deric, Oliver, Calvin, Connie, Amelia, Karen, Ivy, Jenifer and Stephanie for the cakes and the gifts. Thank u all .

That is all for my birthday. Wish u all the best. Take care.

2009年5月23日 星期六

Early Birthday .......

It's been a while since i last update my blog. There is nothing special to to update recently. Plus I was sort of busy with all my homeworks and exams or hang out with friends... There is going to be another exam on Monday which is also my birthday ..... T.T

Since my friends are not going to be all be there to celebrate with me, they secretly decide a surprise celebration for me on 23 of May. Of course it is a surprise so I completely don't aware of it.
This is how things go:

Yesterday(23/5), our cell group leader tell me to go to my cousin's room for cell group gathering. Upon our arrival, our grandmother who was here to visit my cousins, prepare delicious foods for us. It's been a while since we last eat such delicious hometown meals. After the meal, my cousin ask me to go teach her chemistry so we went upstairs.

After a while, my other cousin went up to tell us that the cell group starts now so we went down. when I reach the ground floor, our cell group leader, Oliver, said we start the cell group gathering now while my vice leader, Ivy, is recording with her phone. I was stunned at the time.

They sang birthday song in both chinese and english while my friend hold a birthday cake in front of me with candles lighted on it. I was shock and shy that I avoid being recorded by the cam.... I made wishes and blow the candles. My cousins and friends gave me presents, a jacket of Tommy and a country road bag.......

It was a great day. Thank u all. Thank u vy much....

2009年4月15日 星期三

BBQ Days...

Today , I have my first BBQ with my cousins and friend. We took to my cousin's house by train then went to our destination by bus. When we reached thr, we went to the Safeway nearby to buy our foods and other materials.

The wind is vy strong, like 39km/h.. Our BBQ destination is near a beach. The wave is big and powerful. We settle our things and Calvin start the bbq the things. We ate a lot of sausage and chicken.. The food is delicious.

However the temperature is too low. I the every one is wearing their jackets.. When we about to finish the foods, the sky started to rain . We were forced to finish the food fast and ran for cover.

The BBQ was fun but we choose the wrong time and wrong weather.... TOO COLD ....

That is pretty much for nw. After a few days , I will start sch le. Only left a few days to prepare myself... Miss all my friends and my luv .... Take care yalll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2009年3月28日 星期六

Second K Section....

Today , my cousin and I along with a few friends go to sing K again. Same place , same room , same price..... A few of the ppl tis time is different le ... 2 of my cousins dun wan to come coz they wan to study for their upcoming exams...... We sang from 1pm to 6 pm ... Sing till all our voice is gone ....

After the Karaoke, we went back to hostel to rest for a while. We went to have our dinner and prepare ourselves to go to cell group... We witness a tram knock with car.. We saw a police car , a fire bridge, an ambulance went to the tram juz nw far from our location. When we reach the church , our leader is ad waiting for us thr. Today he didnt mention things about bible , juz doing some survey about the cell group with us , and ask about our recent condition.....

After the cell group section, My cousin bring us to eat supper. The food was delicious and the place is nt far from the hostel .... After tat , my cousins went back to their house.. We accompany them to the train station nearby and we went back to our hostel.....

I went to my friend's room to online coz I borrow mine to her... We online and looked for new themes for our phones.. We search for a couple for hours and finally finish dl and install to our phone ... haha ....

That is all for today.... Blog next time .... Misss u all , all my new friends and old friends...

2009年3月18日 星期三

A Day out Dinner with friends.....

Today is Wednesday. And all the class gt double period time... English time using these time to test us on listening task.. Nt too hard.. Chemistry , we did experiment.... So excited but the experiment is too short. Just finish in a few minutes.... My bio teacher went missing when we enter the class. She came in late after half an hour....

A friend of my cousin went to Melbourne to play so they decided to bring him to went for buffet dinner tonight... I followed them to the Crown to eat.. It was such a high class looking place. We eat as many as we can eat as the food is so delicious...

After the dinner, we went for a short walk outside the Crown.. We gone crazy and kept on taking photos of each other and the views... Due to the time , I will upload the photo next time to my face book... So those of u who are interested in the photo, plz add me , haloclear@hotmail.com ...

Their friend will be returning to Sibu tis sat so tis sat is the last day we can meet... Looking forward to meet him and his family again tis sat. Wish them have a nice trip here.

2009年3月12日 星期四

SPM result finally out..

12 March ... A special day for every form 5 students in Malaysia... Our SPM result is finally out.. Thr is always ppl happy and ppl sad about their result.. I was in the middle... Coz my result is neither good or bad..

I was so nervous about the result when the time is getting nearer and nearer.... I called my sis many times but she didnt pick up the phone making me more nervous. Even my friends ad took their result and call to told me ............

Finally my sis pick up the phone and told me tat i gt 5A for my spm. Alll the other subjects gt B....Tis makes me happy and bit disappoint. I though maybe can gt 6-7 A .. In the end, I gt 5A... However, all the other subject include history, I gt B.. Tat is unbbelievable to me.. I never though I can gt B for these subjects. ^.^

Good luck to u all who are going to have SPM tis year.. And to those finish SPM .... Take care...

2009年3月9日 星期一

"Exciting Day "

Today, My cousins brought me to moomba festival( water festival). We went thr around 6 sth. We went thr by tram.

When we arrive thr, my cousin decide to ride the insanity.... After buying the ticket, we queue up to ride the thing. My female cousins decide to stay to watch us play. When we go up the thing, we start to scared. The whole thing spin around 15 times. We been spin up and down for several times. I finally understand the feeling of jumping down the high building. My cousin and I were so scared that the only thing we can do is shouting out loud and laughing. So scary.... Another reason is I have bit scared of height and I am a coward.

After we come down, we feel lucky to stay alive... We went to buy some drinks for relief. We walked around and went to played some games. The place was too big. In the middle, thr is a big river. Thr is compertition going on in thr.

After finish the moomba, we went to eat supper b4 we went back to hostel. wao... A lot of new experience..... haha ... Wish to have more new experience soon....

2009年2月27日 星期五


It's Friday and the last sch day of the week... I juz finish my bio test juz nw. Although some question duno hw to ans but majority of them can handle... Hope can get high mark ..>.<

Tml will be going to my cousin house as usual. will be going thr and download songs like crazy.... Coz my internet here cant dl too much otherwise , I will nid to waste money to recharge the Mb. .... Y they dun have post paid and unlimited download within the month..... Here all the internet is calculated by Gb,Gb,Gb........

Finally tml can relax and play for a while after one week of streeful tests...... Next week will have new chapters and new homeworks...... Sob....... Nid to try best to handle.... I met a few new friends from Malaysia... They are friendly and easy to get along.....

haiz..... So lonely here.. Luckily gt cousins and friend too acc me .... hehe. Wish u all the best.

2009年2月23日 星期一

Test again .

I juz had my math test today , the question quite confusing for me cause I duno hw to draw the graphs. Most of the question is about finding the equations. Luckily , it is over. Nw I am preparing for the bio test on tis friday.

It had been testing tis week, almost gone crazy. Yesterday is chemistry test , today is math , friday is biology.... So many tests. Today my chemistry teacher give us back our chemistry paper. I quite happy with the mark but I made a lot of careless mistakes. Nid to work hard for the next test.

During my biology period, I suddenly realise that a classmate of mine , look like a friend of mine in my hometown. So miss them ..... Wondering wat are them doing nw..... Feeling strange cause cant hang out with them .......

Any way, I wish u all the best. Keep in touch in msn , my friends.....

2009年2月20日 星期五

My first exam....

Today I just had my first topic test here. It is hard cause it physic and i dun really understand physic. At least I dun really understand wat the teacher teach. Nid to find one day and ask my friend to teach me.

Yes. I meet a few new friends here. Here gt more Malaysian than I know. Although most of them still from china , hong kong and korea. But almost half of the student in the campus is from china. So madarin is useful here also. I knew a few people from different country include china, vietnam, hong kong and singapore.

I will be having my chemistry , math , and bio test next week. Although math I nt really understand , I will try my best. As for chemistry and biology, I think no big deal. I will try my very best to pass all my exam with flying color.

I finish my oral presentation. It was bad and I was too nervous. In the end, the teacher say tat my posture is wrong. Good thing , my whole class gt good general comment from the teacher. The best news is the teacher told us that no one fail the oral in our class.

I still miss my friends thr coz the friends here still is unfamilier ... Miss u all. Take care yall.

2009年2月13日 星期五

One whole week !!!!!

It's been a week since I last blog. I moved into the hostel and there cant online at all......Unless apply for one.... I didnt apply coz my cousin told me to apply for another type of network... So I have to wait ...

Any way, tis whole week quite ok but the teachers are told us that we will be having topical test around next week and the week after . I will also be having my oral presentation next week.. So nervous. I afraid I will standing in front of the class and become speechless like the oral presentation in form 4 ...

I meet a few more new friends and one of them is also from sibu.. They all are friendly and kind ...
I also meet a few friends from other country such as vietnam , china , indonesia , korean and hong kong. I still miss my friends at Sibu coz I dun familier with the friends here and still feel lonely when walking with them.

Haiz , will be having tests soon along with a few more science reports. haiz. Miss u all .... >.<
Take care yalll.....

2009年2月5日 星期四

Emotional Break Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz ignore tis post if u feel offended......... Ty for ur co-operation .....

The whole MUFY sucks..... ... At first though is easy , nw all slowly become difficult..... Nw I have many problems in my studies.. N I dun have any friends to help me at all .... Haiz ..... Wsih my friends were here ....... ........

Any way , my english teacher finally showed up . He was absent for the last two days due to his sickness ....... He first home work for us is orla presentation ...... I am worst in tat section .. Every time I go up thr, I will feel nervous n forgot all the notes i rmb... He wan us to go up one by one n speak like a teacher which mean , we hardly can refer to things , we nid to show some notes to friends , and we nid to try interact with them n nt juz go up thr and read out the speech.....

My physic start to get from bad to worse ........ I duno hw to apply the formula into the question ... Hope my cousin's reference book can help me a bit..... The math is getting more n more graphs and getting more like additional math...... Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My chemistry is starting to become hard as start gt physic things inside ..... but still ok .... Biology also the same , only is the answering method a bit nt same , coz nid to be more specific.... overall , Sucks.......

My day is still ok ... My dad is going back to sibu tml ... I was told tat i will be move into the hostel tis sunday ...So I will nt be online on weekdays.. I will also update my blog less since I will only be online at my cousin house which is weekends.......

Most importantly , I miss u allllllllllllll ........ Dun forgot about me...

2009年2月3日 星期二

Start of a new day and my sch life.....

Today is the fisrt day I start my foundation year. I might not be able to play as often as I usually do during the holiday.... Plus , I duno the area well..... These makes my college life not as good as in the own home town....

Any way, my first class is my physic class. The teacher looks like an Iban .. He is friendly and patient to me.... I felt nervous when I was in his class coz tat is the first class I attend to... After that class , I had my math class.... The teacher is ok but to me, his action a bit gay ( no offense) ........

I have my break time after my math class.... I called my friend , Deric , but he off his phone for the whole day.... I cant contact him at all ..... My english teacher was absent so I skipped my english lesson and waited for my chemistry lessons ......

My chemistry teacher was nice to me ..... The chemistry lesson is easy since I had studied it before... After the brief explanation , I recall some of the chemistry knowledge..... The bio lesson is my last lesson of the day... The teacher was humour and her lesson was pretty fun... Time passes by like an blink of an eye ....

My relative invited us to dinner at a japanese restaurant... The food is ok... before the end of the meals, the chef will play throw and catch game. He will either throw a small piece of fried egg for u to catch with ur mouth or he will throw 10 bowls to u one at a time and u try to catch them all ..... As for dessert , I had green tea ice cream. Yum. It tasted good, I love it ....

HAHA... However , I didnt make any new friends at the college so still alone in the large college..... Sob... Wish my friends were here with me...... miss u alllll ....

2009年2月1日 星期日

My First Sunday At Melbourne ....

Today morning was quite a boring day. I wake up at near noon. So I skip my my breakfast n wait for my lunch. We have our lunch together at my cousin house. The meal was good. My cousin invited my cousin and I to go to church with them. We accompany our cousins back to their hostel after we went looking for fans at the malls nearby.

A friend of my cousins bring us to the church by his car. Since we were late, we find a place n sat down. They gave us a form to fill in some of our basic information. After that , we went to have our dinner. My cousins go with their friends while I stay with a cousin of mine wait for another friend......

I order chicken chop noodle, and it taste good. Yum Yum. Haha. my cousin's friend. Simon, drive us back to our home after send my cousin back to the hostel....

As in conclusion, it is a boring day............ Wish i was still in sibu.... Miss all my friends....

2009年1月31日 星期六

Second day ..... HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the second day at melbourne. Things are going not too well but still ok. I was waken by my cousin to prepare as we are going to our college to do some enrollment. Unfortunately, the office was having day off.

We went to have some shopping to buy some meats and vegetables. After that , we went to eat at a korean restaurant nearby. The meal was great and the view in there was nice.

We went home to our cousin house and rest for a while. We then went to a shopping mall nearby to shop for more items. When we finish, we went home and take bath cause our former Pk ,puan annie ling , is inviting us to dinner again. The dinner is ok but the I personally dun like the oyster.

We went to her house to rest. My cousin and I gone crazy in the car and laughed all the way till we reach her house. We played Wii at her house. Then we go to another relattive's house. I gt stuck thr cause only one of the cars can bring us home and my cousins fill the spaces in the car. I have to wait for a long time before i can get home.

Overall , today was a nice day. Not bad for me .. HEHEHE.

2009年1月30日 星期五

My first day at Melbourne... ^.^

My flight to melbourne is at 00.30 am from KLIA to melbourne. The flight took 8 hours. I canot sleep on the plane. One of the major reason is that I think I got stomachache. Cause my stomach keeps killing me and I have to go to the toilet like every 2 hours. I only manage to sleep for around an hour. When I wake up, my flight already landed on the air port of Melbourne.

After taking my bags, my relatives, my dad and I go out to catch a cab to my relative's house. When I was waiting for the cab , the hot breeze blew toward me. I felt very hot as I was wearing long sleeves and the temperature here is above 37 degree Celcious. The whole journey is very hot like I am sitting in an oven.

After reaching my relative's house , we briefly unpack some of our things. We then walk to take the train and bring two of our cousins to their hostel. The train we took keep on having problems. At first we can reach our destination in 40 minutes but the train took us around 2 hours to reach our destinations.

We spent the time in the train to chat with each other and get to know each other better. After they reached their hostel, the office was closed as there was a staff meeting. I follow my dad and uncle to the college to ask for some details.

Unfortunately, the office was closed when we reached there. So we took a short break before we walked back to the hostel. The staffs came back soon when we reached the hostel. My cousins filled in their details while I filled form to put my name in the waiting list.Because I was late to apply for the college and all the hostels had been booked. T.T

After that, we went for dinner nearby before we go shopping for some basic equipments and groceries. I bought a new number to call my friends n family. However , I haven't activate it so I cant call my friends yet. I really wish to see my friends...... Sob...

After the shopping , we accompany the cousins back to their hostel before we went to the train station. The trip went extremely well and we reached home in 50 minutes. After taking bath , I set up the computer and hoping to chat with my friends on msn. I really miss you all. Hope to see u all soon. Good luck to u all.

2009年1月27日 星期二

Happy New Year!!!!!

It's the second day of the chinese new year. My relatives came n visit us at near noon. They sat n chit chat with my parents. My mum gave the children ang pao while my dad was drinking a bit alcohol with my uncles.

After they left, my parents brought me to the relatives' houses. They gave me ang pao to wish me good luck for the trip to Australia n my studies. Although the amount is not big but is their wishes. Thanks.

It's sad to think tat I'm going to leave all my friends here n go to a place I never been to before. I wish I will have more time to hang out with my friends before I left. But I think I would only be hang out with a few of my friends. Some of them are busy visiting relatives and friends.

I wish u all a happy new year. Good luck in the studies n take care ... Bye family n friends.

2009年1月23日 星期五

Day Out with friend and dinner at night.^.^

Today , my friend ask me to go have some walk with him. He wants to buy some firework for the upcoming Chinese New Year. When we reach thr , he juz take a few looks n walk away. We end up going to shop for his jeans.

He buy his jeans while I buy my stationery. After our "shoping" , he went back home while i went back to my mum's shop. When i was helping my mum to close the shop , my mum told me that my school's former PK , Puan Annie Ling , invite us to dinner. I was shock to hear that. I know that her husband and my dad are good friend but i duno why she will invite us to dinner. I ask my mum for the reason and she told me becoz a cousin n i are going to australia soon. She said since we are both her students and she knew our parents , she wan to invite us to dinner as a departing gift/dinner , so we went.

At first was ok , coz gt foods to eat n water to drink. But later , it goes from bad to worse. After the meals are over , my dad n my uncles also drink till all ad wan mabuk. They keep on talking , talking n talking non stop. I am boring listen to them talking. The meal ends at 8.55pm but we went home at 11pm. @.@ . So boring there. But still nid to thanks Puan Annie Ling for the dinner. Thank u . Happy new year.

2009年1月22日 星期四

Hang Out With Friends

I finally get to hang out with some of my friends and i mean female friends (and a male friend of coz). We went to see the new movie "Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans". I reach there around 1.15pm. Since the movie start at 2.15 pm , we decide to kill our times by shopping there. We didn't buy anything , just watching and fooling around. Due to my poor photo skill , this happens to be the only photo i took is nice. Allow me to introduce:

Wong Jiin, my classmate and my friend...

The movie was ok , I personally like the action scenes and the killing scenes. After the movie, the 6 of us went to Mc Donald to have some snacks. I order a Mc flurry . We sat there and eat our snacks while talking about our recent activities and plans. After the snacks, we went to shop again. However, the sky was not on my side as it is getting dark and starting to rain. I have to go home first cause I don't bring an umbrella and it's almost time for me to go home. That is all about my hang out with friends.. It is fun hanging out with them. Too bad there will be less chance to see them since i am going to Australia next thursday. I wish them good luck in their future plans n studies. Miss u all , my friends...