2010年12月31日 星期五

NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APPY NEW YEAR !!!!!! Wish everyone all the best in the new year. New dreams, new goals, new wishes. ^_^ Wish all the couples together always. All singles, found their soul mates in the new year. ^_^ .
God bless you all. ^_^

2010年12月22日 星期三

My holiday, my life.

Its been a long time since I last updated my blog here. This blog post is just going to talk about my life and my feeling after my previous post. If you feel offended, then you may click on the cross button located on the upper right corner anytime. Please feel free to do so.

First of all, its examination. After the previous post, I will be facing my final examination in less than a week time. I didn't really study well this time so in the end my result is not as good as I think. However, I'm graceful that I still pass all of them. I still remember that I had my lunch with my two of my best friends in the course. We had our lunch and went on to have Basket Robbin. It was a fun day not only cause we finish our examination but its also our last day we'll hang out like that. That very evening, a "sister" of mine, find me on msn and ask me want to eat snowflakes (Taiwan shop that sells ice desserts) or not. We went together with my cell group leader and ate our icy desserts. That basically ends the story for the first day of my holiday.

After my final examination, I didn't really get to celebrate my holiday, or go back to hometown. The reason is cause I'm still having Malaysian Study (MS) class. I'm the only one that attend this class from my course, so I dunno any one of them. The class is mainly composed of students from engineering and business with one biomedical student (me). The first day of the class is on 29 of October. I'm a late entry of the class cause I was having my Moral Education when the MS class commerce in the first place. So I don't know any one in my MS class when I enter it. The lecturer just show us a video so its quite boring. I notice a guy beside me is sitting alone so I started talking to him. His name is Gin. The next class, I met his friend, Michele. They become my best friends during my holiday and my MS class. It's really nice to know them.

At 20th of November, MS class had a short study trip. That is when I get to know more about Gin and Michele along with some others. After that, we become good friends with several others. We hang out for lunch or breakfast most of the time before or after every MS class. But since we all have different time table so we cant have all of us gathering together for a meal. I manage to have meal once with 5 of them including Gin, Michele, Maggy,David and Wan Qun. We face the examination together. After the examination, we had a little photo section with David, Michele, Maggy and Gin. The photos are not yet been upload so I can't post them here now. But I will miss them so much. They accompany me through the holiday when there is no one I know in Taylor's is there and when no one accompany me in MS class.

Well, recently I'm full of strange emotions. I'm a flower heart person and I admit it. Maybe I haven really love someone. I found out that I'm easily to like the girl that is single and closest to me. When she leaves, I will miss her for a while. When another girl close, I like the other girl as well. A senior once said that is not like her but can't get use of it when she is not around. So now I'm confusing on whether likes Michele or not. Maybe Its just wishing her to be happy. This is my blog so I dun mind to confess it here. Its like a personal diary that is online and post for my friends to know me. I'm honest on what I'm typing here. It's been really nice to hang out with them and I like them all.

Now, Michele is sick so I hope she recover soon. Pray for her that she will recover soon. I also pray that David, Maggy, Gin and Michele to prepare well as they are having assignments now and will be facing their final examination soon in Jan.

My flight back to Sibu has been decided. It's on 27 of December. So will be leaving them and wouldn't see them any more. Bye Bye, Michele, Gin, David, Maggy and Wan Qun. All the best and good bye.

2010年11月2日 星期二


Time really flies. Last minute, I just come to this strange place; The next minute, I already been here nearly a year. This is really a big year. Many new friends, new brother and sister in Christ. This is really been a wonderful year. I never thought I will start to like it here. The weather might not be as nice as Melbourne's but the condition will not lose to Melbourne. Now, I'm having my study break as I'll be having exams next week. I can't focus on doing revision but instead wanna update the two long gone blogs.

I dunno what I want. I though I was loving a girl or maybe several girls. But after attending an church event ( No Apologies), I found out that my feeling towards them is not love but lust only. Now my head is only missing you and you. The two girls that impacts my brain so much. Maybe is your beauty, maybe is you behavior, or even every moment I spend with you. It means a lot to me. I like you two. But it is time to forget about you girls.I wanna learn to really love and really like people with heart and not by lust.

Miss Wong: I know you last year when we have the same bio class. I first though you look like my friend in Sibu.. Although you're from Sibu also.. You're pretty, you're committed and you're kind. Thank you for appearing. You let me learn to give, to care. Even though, I failed you cause being emotional most of the time and care people in the wrong way. I can't believe that I been to the same church as you. Although the chance for us to meet is less in church as we attended different services. I still remember the time of our hang out, our graduation, our friends' gathering. You're a good and kind girl. I hope and pray you will find a guy that compete with you. Someone that will treat you well and truly love you.

Miss Lau: You're a special one. A someone that I first know when I attend the orientation this year. At first, I dunno I have the courage to be asking you your name and stuffs. Knowing you better and better as I been through this year. You once told me you're not accepting relationship is cause you can't let go of the previous relationship. I can't do anything to help you to let go of the past but to pray. Every night, I can only pray that God will cure you, open your heart for new relationship. I know you're stressing yourself to do revision and get good result. All I can said is pray for wisdom and relax bit. Dun be too stress up ok ? Take care of yourself as well.. I hope your Mr. Right will appear soon. ^_^ All the best.

I dunno whether you will see this but this is what I wanna say to you. Take care. Wish to see you soon.

2010年9月1日 星期三

The feeling.

It's been quite a strange thing for me to update my blog two times a week. However, there is no where else I can express my feeling and no one around to talk to when I need them. It's really amazing how things can change in a short time. I confess to a girl. Well, some how manage to confess to her.

I was accompany her to her apartment. I was nervous along the way on how to confess to her. In the end, I barely manage to tell her in front of her door. Her response? " Why so sudden ?? " Then keep smiling.. After that, I basically change the topic and say good bye after a short chat with her.

When I reach home, I text her. At first she said, she don't what to do.. She is completely blank. Then she reply that she don't wanna involve in any new relationship any time soon. It's truly heart break when saw the text, but what can I do? Life still go on.. All I did is went on to find friends to chat around and chat about the incident or about the confession. Said is really easier than done. When I know I should just leave it and let God handle it. But still, I wish to heard a yes from her. But my friend was right. " when you confess your feeling to someone, this is not just about you only."

Today as usual, alone emoing in the class. I just can't chat with them. Don't know what to chat.. Good thing after the break, I regain my normal self and talk with them. But to the girl, I barely speak out anything. All I can talk to her is about school stuffs. To me personal point of view, she already told her friend sitting beside her about what I told her yesterday. But I cant help thinking about it. I cant barely talk to her. Even wanna invite her go out, I can only do it through sms and not directly ask her when she was just in front of me.

What can I do? After confess, she more or less will have barrier formed. All I can hope, all I can pray, all I can do now is hope things get back to normal soon. Even though there is some regret in me of confessing to her, but some parts of me also feel relief. Cause at least I get an answer. Thank you..

2010年8月29日 星期日

Last day of August.

Time passes so fast. Its been nearly 7 months since I started to study in Taylor's. The experience here might not be what I expected. I was expecting a change in personality to be more cheerful type of person. However, the changes is not significant and the period is short. Soon I become back the person I used to be. The opening of new semester passed. I though changes will be even bigger but instead it turns out to be small.

I moved to new apartment due to the termination of contract at previous accommodation. After the moving of the accommodation, more and more events, more and more incidents started to appear. All these events are testing my time management skills and my reliability to God. Thanks to God, I still manage to pass through and survive until now.

Friends going back to hometown for their holiday. Friends been into relationship and some from relationship to single. Friends problem might be one of the major issues that is bothering me. I'm confuse with this feeling. This feeling is love, is friend care or just a confusing feeling that sits there for no reason? The only one can tell me is God. I'm waiting for the answer. Or maybe the answer is in front of me and I didn't notice it? Who knows. Praying seems to be the only way I can get off this feeling and head towards reality for a short while before the feeling strike back again.

Now is the assignment peak period and I still wondering around about love.. Continue to pray for God.. God bless you all. ^_^

2010年8月12日 星期四


Things changed so fast. I cant believe how fast things can changed within one week. Last week and this week is like totally different time line for me. A lot of changes take place until I cant recognize which are the stuffs I cherish, the people I love. It is as though I have gone into a new world.

After today, I think we are not possible. The attitude of yours toward me changes dramatically. I cant believe these things can change so rapidly in just 3 days times. Do you know that today is the 12th weeks since we know each other ??? I can't believe things can change so fast in the past few days. Last time, I was scare of changes like this will happen.. You told me that things will change, but the people will not change. You once said you will be there. But now I think that is just some stupid words by me and you.

Even since you went out that day, I should not have put so much faith in this friendship. The faith in this relationship is a double edge. Now it back fires and it hurts me deeply. Some said I fall for you. Some said I was lonely so I will think I'm fall for you. But for me right now, I will take the second. The first few days you didn't find me , you didn't even text me. That makes me very moody and sad. But today I try my best to not think of you and get along with my course mate.

Things changed and it changes to the way I dun wan it to be. Maybe this is good for both us. I hope you will find him as your next and your last. Wish you all the best. Bye..

2010年7月27日 星期二

Outing again..

Its my last day of orientation and it was a tiring day.. Tiring not because of the orientation but after the orientation .. Follow buddy, Melanie, to eat then go fix her laptop. After her class finishes, the both of us stay in the school lib to use the free access internet..

After the free internet section, the two of us went to Leisure Commerce Square , or LCS for short(a building near my place which is previously a taylors campus but is close down after lakeside campus is open) After buying her empty disc for presentation, we walked all the way to sunway pyramid. We went to perfume section as she wanna buy a perfume for her friend whose birthday is not far away.. After the perfume , we went down to take a look at a doll brand called "doodledoll" She took a few photo then we went to the teddy section where she was like totally fall under the spell of teddy bear.. then we went to pet shop , cosmetic shops, and teddy bear shops....

We went to Asian Avenue to buy green tea candy. I recently quite addicted to green tea so she said she bring me to buy green tea candy.. The shop was a japanese shop and all the food sold are imported from Japan.. I saw the candy, buy it and have a taste of it .. The candy was nice and it have the tea taste at first.. It is a green tea soft candy with green tea powder covering it ... Then more teddy shop and cosmetic shop...

Melanie went to a local snack shop to buy some snacks and then we went to Jusco to buy some sushi and red ginger.. We went home shortly after we finish all the shopping and wandering.. I go home , finish up my final model... This is the first gundam model i ever made.. Colourless but yet it gives me the feeling of admire to the designers. they come out with a such wonderful model and design...

Line is been lag for today so I will upload the picture next time.. Thank u al. Have a nice day. ^_^

2010年7月5日 星期一

Sing K in Sibu..

I have been born and raise in Sibu for more than 18 years. But today is the first time I sing K in Sibu.. It's been a while since I last sing K and I completely cant sing at all.

I have been back for one week. And I haven't been meeting her in person in one week as well.. So many things can happen in this one week. Some can go for single to in a relationship while others can go from in a relationship to it is complicated. There are so many things happen in between but i wasn't be able to participate in any of them. I'm starting to wonder what kind of friend am I.. I can't do anything to help them.. NO matter through person or msn.. I feel so helpless.. Can't do a single thing to help them other than bless them in words... Some said I love the girl I'm blessing while some said i'm just cant get use to the loneliness without her beside me. Now even I'm also confuse.. All I want is her to be happy and do the things she like. I know there is not smooth life path in the world. Every path will have high and low tides. I wanna to accompany her to pass those high and low tides. I want to be her shield and her wall. I want to protect her and I want to be able to back her up when she needs it.. Now, It's like nothing I can do at all. Nothing I can do to help her at all..

The other girl is the same. She was trapped by a relationship that is long lost few months ago and she can't let go of the guy. They might not be officially together but the time they spend is true and worth it.. Cause I believe that time was a memory to her even though she was lost contact with the guy for few months. I can't do anything to help her to get out of the tiny little box in her heart. Now, only the guy can help her but I have completely no idea on who he is and how to help them... Is it possible to help them to regain their relationship ????

I hope they will be alright in no time.. I miss the times.. The times when I saw their smiles....

2010年6月19日 星期六

Recent life..

After attending to church today, I notice that I don't know any thing or the people in the church.. I always wanna go back to Melbourne cause I miss the cell group there.. But after attending today, I notice there is nothing in the world that wouldn't change. Everything will change but the point is whether will u find a place that belongs to u in the new change or not ..

Once I watch an anime.. A girl ask a boy:" Are you happy here ? I love it here and I'm happy here. But everything is going to change soon." The boy reply:" I dun love it here and I dun feel happy here. It's going to change soon then you just have to find happiness in the new place." There is always happiness in every where. Even in a country that is under war or natural disasters, there are also happiness living there. The point is can you see the happiness in there or not...

After attending a different Saturday night than usual since I had been here, I feel happy and refreshed. Although there are exams coming, I haven prepare well and I'm scare of it, I wanna be happy not only for others but for me myself as well..

2010年5月25日 星期二

Happy birthday to muself!!!

This maybe just showing off but i wanna thank you all for the wishes.. First time ever, i had receive 120+ msg as birthday wishes.. Thank u all for the wishes. That is the best present ever. ^^ Coz knowing that, so many people rmb my birthday although many knew it through facebook but still, u send me ur wishes.. Thank u all. ^^

I basically receive two present.. One is all the wishes from my friends, buddies, family, and long lost friends.. Thank u all. God bless you all. ^^ Wish u all the best in ur career, exams, assignments. ^^

Another present is a new phone i bought few weeks ago.. I ad mention that few times, so i'll just skip the it ... XD

Lastly, wanna said few words to you all..


2010年5月16日 星期日

Recently ....

Its always been a long time since I update my own personal blog. Well, I have to admit that I duno how to manage the priority in my life. There is a big prject given to us few weeks ago and the due date is this Friday. I'm still clueless on this project and im still here online update blog, facebook, check mail hanging around online.....

First, I finally bought a phone. A phone that I liked a lot.. Although RM 900+ is high for me , but i wanna protect it and make it last long.. It's my own Sony Ericson W995. I love it., Thanks to my parents allow me to buy it and thanks to chon fan for bring me to buy it.. ^^

Well, basically the assignment that needs to hand in this Friday is not a easy task since it worth 20% in my finals. Once I fail this, this means that I am require to repeat this course again ... So basically, failing is not an option. I just got a hand on one of video concept background back and marked from the lecturers. I only gt 11 out of 30 .. The comment is my concept is not relevant to wat my topic is... It is quite hard for me to accept that I only get 11 and not even half of the mark. Now, I know that I need to check again and make sure it is fully referenced and nicely related to the topic im writting even that means that I need to reduce the amount of sleep I need.

I wanna do the best in this course but I no im not good in it.. Maybe is becoz of my laziness... I wish I can do it... I hope I can do it ... That programming part is really started to annoy me and I really nid some help n solving it.. As the program itself ad occupy more than half of the marks in the project.. If I dun get the program part right, the max of the marks i can get is 30 out of 100... Which means fail in this course. Any one with good programming mind can help me ????

I went out with friends to their church yesterday for the church new album launching. It turns out that album is quite nice. Some of the songs, i like it very much. I think the things I like about church and fellowship is in fact that the people there are always kind and friendly even though ur a stranger to them... But they will always come to u and be friend with you.. ^^

Assignments, please leave me alone as soon as possible....

2010年5月6日 星期四

Lucky day. ^^

Today was indeed a lucky day. The first thing happened is that my phone N95 many buttons become malfunction and the screen is whole black... Cant see anything, cant do anything with it.. Luckily the alarm still work..

Since the phone is like that, I didn't bring it to school. Then I attend class as usual. After the classes, I gt one hour break. My few friends ad bought their foods so I follow another gang of friends to go eat. But they didn't go eat, they just going out to take something they left in the car. I will feel paiseh if I go eat and let them watch so I dun eat. Then I go back to class and take a short nap. After I woke up, I was boring so I go to the corridor to relax myself and wait for time to pass while watch the view that I like in the uni. Quite lucky, my lecturer pass by and ask me still ok with school stuff ? still manage to cope with the study until now ?? Make me feel warm heart.

After the last lecture, I walk to the bus stop and wait for the inter campus bus to reach here. I got up and fall asleep the moment it start to move. When I woke up, I found out that I am on the way to the main campus and I just miss the stop that i need to get down... So I ask the driver will it go to Mentari (The apartment I stay in). He said no, u go down and walk to the main campus , there will be bus to go there around 3pm. I walked there, and wait outside the front gate of the main campus. Luckily, I follow my friends to walk few times there, and my buddy bring me into the campus and take a tour before. So I'm not that strange with the surrounding there. Although without phone, I cant call any one , text anyone, or inform anyone about it, but luckily the bus arrive in time. Although it didn't went to mentari , it went to suriamas which is just few min walk away to my place. So I get on it.

I stay awake on the bus and think of a lot of things that happen recently.. When the bus arrive at Suriamas, I walk down and start to walk to my place. When I start to walk for few steps on the road, it started to rain.. I can't stop laughing on how lucky i am when it does.. XDXDXD... SO i walk my way home in the rain. Then after walking pass a few block in Mentari, the rain stopped.

My mum approve me to buy a new phone when I tell my sis to ask my mum on msn just now.. So I plan to go buy this weekend since it is not convenient without a phone.. My alarm , my friends contacts all will gone...

Update the latest news.. Juz now went to a steak house nearby to eat steak since i promise to bring my house mate go there eat steak for few times. We finally went and have a nice meal. But after we paid the bill, we notice the sky is raining AGAIN...... And it is much more bigger compare to this afternoon... The three of us have to walk in the rain in order to go home.. SO lucky.... XD

I was very lucky today.. XDXD

2010年4月28日 星期三

What am i doing???

Its been another few weeks since i update my blog. Nothing interesting to blog on though.. It just another one of those rushing assignment and hand in by tomorrow or u will risk the chance of failing this course..

The school bus is also getting more and more crowded as the students from other campus all moved to my campus. In the previous few months, i will only miss the bus by one max per day.. Now i even can miss two bus in a roll and can't go up any of them.. Stone there for one and half hour, before i finally can squeeze in and find a place to sit.. When i was in there, i directly fall asleep in the bus.. When i woke up, i was still very tired.. Suddenly feel that all the energy of my life has already gone from my body... Feel im not living anymore... So tired...

Maybe this is why they said need to arrange time well in university, or u will suffer from it deeply... So tired now ... But still have assignments, practicals and test waiting to be finished... SO TIRED... God bless us all.

2010年4月3日 星期六

Field trips.

Its been a while since i last update my own blog. Its not that i dun wanna update, is juz that there is no interesting stuff to update about it. Today is interesting coz i had a field trip to the forest and park...

I didnt take much picture as the group juz keep going and i didnt feel much like taking photo. Although the later part of it , we need to identify some plants and take some photo for our assignment. I only have two picture to share as these are the two that i took and i think is nice.

First, The sky from the forest.

Next, some of my course mate and my buddies.

There is siew wai, tze chen, kuan tai, tiffany, yen kai (behind)
Angelina, Aunty Teing, Shirley ( front)

It is a tiring day although i did enjoy some part of it... But not all.. Overall, Not bad for this field trip..

2010年3月25日 星期四


I have three S on my mind now. Sad , stress and sick....

First, Sad. My dad came to have dinner today and is going to leave KL tomorrow. Today straight after school, I went home, take a bath and went to Sunway to meet him. After meeting him, my sis and I went to eat while he attended his dinner. After few hours, My bro joined us and we went to have some dessert then we go home. I never though that I will so miss my dad when I was about to leave. Especially now when only my 2nd sis is still with them for half day ( since my sis is helping in my mum's shop). When I think of them been the only two at home today, I feel so guilty and sad. I feel like Im not a good child by leaving them... T.T So sad. Wanna cry.... Tears already rolling in my eyes but I don't wan to let it out, not in front of my roommates. After I have been to Melbourne for one year with no parents visit me there, I though I wouldn't miss them in KL too, not until I will get homesick... But after seeing him today, I really feel that for the first time ever, I have homesick, as in very serious homesick... I have a feeling of quitting the program im studying now and went back to Sibu... Really sad... Cant stop thinking about them now..

Second, Stress. The work is getting harder. I dun understand the things teacher teaches, I duno how to do the work sheets and assignments given. There are two assignments need to be hand in next friday and I having major problems in one of them. After those two been handed in , I still gt one more assignment directly after that. Feeling like the works are unstoppable. And this Monday, I laugh too loud until I anger the lecturer who eventually just packed up and walk away.. She even refuse to teach us English any more. Then after yesterday, we voted to ask her back. So tomorrow, we will still having english as usual. So i owe her an apology. I mean really sincere apology..

Third, Im sick, as in mentally homesick.. First time ever, I feel the feeling of homesick so strong that it overwhelm and engulf me.... The mood now is so complex... Duno wat to feel, wat to do, wat to think..... So moody now...

2010年3月23日 星期二

Moody day.....

Its another Tuesday... Another boring , simple and moody Tuesday.... The bright side of today is that class ends at 10 am, the dark side of it is that I keep on feeling that i make a wrong decision.. Why did I said so ??? Find out by continue reading..

Today the class ends at 10am. There is no practicals today but we have a movie section during that period which is 2-4pm. After the last lecture finished, we all went to see our lecturer to discuss our video topics with her. After the discussion is end, I went to the food court to eat with my team member. In front of the food court, I meet my best buddy and ask me to go sing K now. I though the sing K is postpone until after the movie. They said they are going to skip the movie section as it is not compulsory. I was basically given few seconds to make decision as they are leaving at the moment.

I choose to stay back and I now still bit blur on why I choose to stay... After that, I know almost all of my friends are going to sing K and only few of those Im not familiar stayed. After eating lunch, I went to computer lab to print few lecture notes. I plan to go find my friend but they are studying with senior so I go away as I don't really good in getting along with strangers or unfamiliar friends. After the time reached, I went to the LT 12. They eventually switch to LT 9.... I was boring until I use my cell to online in there but the cell gone crazy and stuck there. I cant send messages and make calls.. I heard a friend of mine planning on going to join them later. At first I got the though of following but my friend leave early and I didn't notice it... So I can only come home early to have bit snacks to "comfort" my mood and have my own fun playing the laptop games.

Its moody for me but the view of the beautiful Earth and the problems facing by the Earth now makes me feel better cause the view is awesome and I get to know more about the problems faced and solutions used in the Earth all around the Earth... ^^

Go to play games... XD

2010年3月9日 星期二

K section.

Today was a very very entertaining day as today I dun have my PASS ( Peer Associated Study Section) and I only need to attend school for one lecture which is only 1 hour duration. After the class, few friends and I went to the Divisional Office to pay off our fees for our class note.

We already decided to went to sing Karaoke today so we decided to go for the 11am.. There are two vehicles as there are two of them who drive to school. We took their drive there and we meet up before we go to the Red Box since we go in separate cars.
The three, nearly four hours of singing is fun although feel guilty for Brian as he only manage to sing few songs... Sorry, Brian.

Here are few pictures about the Karaoke section time although its blurring....

Lim Lee teing.. But I prefer call her aunty since she is older... XD

The handsome Brian and cute Angelina..

From the left is cool Siew Wai, old Aunty Lim Lee Teing, handsome Brian, cute Angelina and active Shiley. xD

This is the first time I sing K this year so been too excited and sing almost every songs until there no voice left for me.. XD After such a fun day , its time to pack up and work hard for school. I dun wan to be working last minutes again this year..
Plus I got so many genius help me, I must get good result in order not to fail them. ^^ Good luck the rest of you too. ^^

2010年2月13日 星期六

Hang out

It's been a long time since I last hang out with Crystal.. Its nice to have some one be free driver. Ting Chee is a ex classmate of mine. I haven't seen her in few years after I leave school. Its a shocking news when I heard that she is currently study in the same school with Crystal. So Crystal decided to hang out yesterday night. and so, we did. We went terminal 5 located at the new bus stop. It's newly opened and the foods are limited. The foods are ok but most of it we ordered are spicy foods. They treat me very "nice". I became the dustbin and clean up all of their foods .. After paying the bill, we went to delta mall to have a walk.

Crystal went to pick her sis up and we went to find a parking spot near the mall. We walked from the ground floor to the top floor. But we didnt buy much items. I did meet few of my friends who seldom have the chance to meet. One of them is a friend I know when I am having my trial car test and actual test. I also meet my relative there. There was a surprise though. I saw Jackie, an education agent that send me down to Melbourne. I went down to have few chats with her and along with her employees there. I talked too much until Crystal and her friends walked away to have some supper nearby.. I joined them afterward.

After the supper, Crystal sent me home and end the night with them. Its fun to hang out with them and I'm looking forward to hang out with them again. ^^

2010年1月20日 星期三



回想起在墨尔本,认识到很多好友,尤其是,Oliver,Calvin, Deric.他们的拥抱,是我最大的安慰。可以让我疏解压力,我的精神寄托。没有他们,我不知道要怎样过活。明天的考试,我没有信心考过。人人都考过了,剩我一个,没人陪伴。谢谢主,让我认识到一个朋友,明天,我们还会见面。到时跟他拿了联络方式,可以做朋友了。谢谢主。。


2010年1月4日 星期一


是按怎阿花和阿娇 拢无佳意我
我撇车技术一流 无人甲我轧
是按怎学校的老师 拢无疼痛我
老爸老母 整天底骂
喋喋喋念 不知念啥
是按怎哪会按呢 身边的问题一摊
作阵来轧车 作阵来轧车
不管伊警察底抓 不管伊父母底骂
只要我引擎催落 无人可当甲我轧
大家看我一个那像 Super Star
La La La La La La La La
愈骑愈紧愈爽 我想欲唱歌
头脑底飞 身躯底颤
风底吹我 心底流汗
是按怎那会这爽 要了解我的感觉

2010年1月3日 星期日


一个人 眺望碧海和蓝天
在心里面 那抹灰就淡一些
好时光都该被宝贝 因为有限

不计画太多 反而能勇敢冒险
丰富地过每一天 快乐地看每一天 Wooh~

你的心有一道墙 但我发现一扇窗